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Car Accident

Car Accident Injury – What You Should Look For
By: Dr. Ron Whitfield D.C.

Over the years, we have seen hundreds of patients who suffered from car accident injuries in Tallahassee, FL. There are many different types of injuries a car accident can cause. Depending on the severity of the crash and other circumstances, your body may react in a number of ways. Here, we will cover three of the major types of car accident injuries we see, and offer some suggestions on treatment you may want to seek out.

(Important: If you have been in a car accident, you must receive treatment within 14 days of your accident or you will not be able to receive your personal injury benefits.)

Neck Injuries – The Most Common Car Accident Injury

If you have been involved in a rear end collision you may have suffered a neck injury. Sometimes you may not feel it until days after the accident. Although the person experiencing this may not have overt signs of injury, the possible occurrence of soft tissue damage to the overstretched ligaments of the neck is very likely. This damage may be permanent, causing chronic pain and limitation in neck movement, the full extent of which may not be apparent until about a day or so after the accident. We have seen many cases where a person may suffer from a mild form of whiplash or neck strain, but there are neck injuries that can be more serious. You could be suffering from a car accident injury where one or more of your discs are ruptured. You could also be suffering from a pinched nerve. Seek medical attention even if you have suffered a low impact collision and your car shows minimal signs of damage. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Many people seek out a reputable chiropractor after an examination by a medical facility for additional treatment.

Back Injuries – Another Form of Car Accident Injury Suffered

The impact of a car accident can result in your body or that of the passengers suffering some serious torque. The results are back injuries, strain, fracture or even a serious injury to a disc. An injured person could experience a thoracic spine injury (upper back injury), or a lumbar spine injury (lower back injury). The results are like the neck injuries mentioned above, and symptoms can often take time to show up. When you experience a sudden movement or an unnatural jolt, like what occurs in a car accident injury, many people find themselves in a great deal of pain long after the accident has taken place. Much like the neck injury, you should seek medical attention, including x-rays to determine the extent of the damage, if any. A doctor can advise you on the proper care. It’s important to understand the various types of back pain that can result from an auto accident in order to best treat and manage the back injury until it has fully healed. Once again, a large number of car accident victims seek out chiropractic care for the best long term results. Having been in the practice for over 37 years, We’ve worked closely with insurance companies and personal injury attorneys to help people recover physically, and at times even documented the injuries for litigation.

Brain and Head Injuries – Hidden but Not Forgotten

A very common form of a car accident injury is the closed head injury. It might range from a mild concussion to a traumatic brain injury. Even though there may not be any physical signs of trauma (like bruises or cuts) anytime your brain is jostled around inside the skull because of a crash, serious injuries may occur. Again, seek medical attention. Car accident injuries involving the head are very serious. A closed head injury can be very hard to detect. Watch yourself and those with you in the car for any strange activity. In conclusion, nobody knows how you feel better than you do. If you suffer from a car accident injury, take action immediately after the crash. Your personal health is far too important to ignore.

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