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Healthy Living

At Whitfield Chiropractic Clinic, we help our patients recover from neck pain, back pain and other pain they’ve acquired over their lives. Most of our treatments and services are offered within the clinic itself, but here we will thoroughly describe how you can help yourself on your own time. We will highlight the 5 keys to a healthy lifestyle that will increase your quality of life and leave you pain free.

5 Keys to Healthy Living
Diet | Sleep | Exercise | Posture | Stretching


Over the years diet has become a disfigured word. For most, dieting is something you do to lose weight. That is a misconception of what diet actually means. Your diet is what you eat and drink every day. The two basic diets are proper diet and poor diet. Practicing a proper diet will keep you healthy on both the inside and the outside.

Poor diet: Soda, fried foods and processed foods.

Proper diet: Whole foods, fruits and vegetables.


Sleep is as simple as it sounds. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour so that you can get at least 8 hours of sleep. Important aspects of sleep can be very detailed, but as long as you wake up feeling rested, you have achieved adequate rest. The basic ideas to keep in mind for a good night’s rest are; sleeping through the night and getting enough sleep.

Read more on sleep here.


Pairing exercise with Chiropractic care may be the most beneficial combination. Receiving chiropractic care and exercising regularly can make you healthier. Regular exercise strengthens the joints and muscles surrounding the damaged nerves. This support system building around the nerves will ultimately take the pressure off, allowing the pain to disappear!


Posture can easily be overlooked because you may not feel the consequences immediately, but after some time, you will feel the pain. Poor posture is a classic example of pain caused by degeneration. Degeneration is the slow process of your muscles, bones, and joints giving up on you. This is inevitable if you do not keep your spine properly aligned to be supported by all of the surrounding muscles.


Proper stretching is an integral part to the recovery process. Stretching provides your body with the flexibility it needs to prevent serious injuries from occurring. Another great perk of stretching is that it will provide relief from nerve pressure both immediately and throughout your recovery process.

Living Well

If this sounds like a lot to handle, it is! The road to recovery can be tough, but when you reach the day when you live without pain, it will all be worth it. I would like to challenge you to try these 5 steps every day, for a week. You will feel a difference, and it will be significant.

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